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Meet our Trainers. 

Manca Mikec 


Manca started playing agility in 1999 and has been teaching since 2007. She has been a EO and AWC team member multiple times and has coached students to an international team level. She has experience training and handling both large and small dogs and coaching is her passion


Erin McLaughlin
Having started in dog Sports and dog training 15 years ago, Erin has been fortunate enough to learn from some of the world's best trainers and coaches. Her goal in agility and training is getting the most out of her dog and helping students build a relationship that is enjoyable for the human AND the dog. Working with multiple breeds of dogs figuring our how to bring out the best in them is Erin's favourite part of teaching and training.  


Faren Sandberg

Faren started her agility journey with her SPCA mix, when she saw an ad in the local paper for classes. She has been hooked ever since! Competing with 2 rescues to their ATCh, the oldest now retired after winning Regionals 2019 at the 16” DD vet category. she now runs with her Border Collie Marvellous and her Working Cocker Spaniel, Tumbler. She usually has a puppy (or two) in training as well. Faren is great at tailoring her teaching to the unique needs of every handler and their dog. 

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